Estate Sales Conference eductational and informative

EstateSales.Net 2013 conference

The Estate Sales Conference in St. Louis held by was a well attended event with over 250 attendees for this first time gathering. Estate sale liquidators came from all over the United States. The only section of the country that had a low representation was the northeast.

The Estate Sales Conference was held over a 2 day period and covered a variety of educational and informative topics. Attendees ranged from people in the estate sales business for 40 years to those who started just a few months ago. With the wide variety of speakers and subjects there was something for everyone.

The first morning had Tony Ruesing, the Keynote speaker talking about the importance of listening to the needs and concerns of clients.

Following Mr. Ruesing was Connie Sue Davenport who explored the collector culture and what could turn into hoarding.

We had a break and then resumed with Judith Martin, a Certified Appraiser of Personal Property, immediate past President of the International Society of Appraisers and currently a Director. Ms. Martin will be writing an article for that will be of great importance and interest for all perspective consumers.

More tomorrow on the conference.