Interview with Dan McQuade EstateSales.Net – part 2

During our interview Dan McQuade informed me that with the growth of Vintage Software, LLC in the last two to three years they have added people and they now have 17 employees plus Dan, Dot, Micky and Courtney McQuade.

We now started to discuss the upcoming 2013 Estate Sale Conference in St. Louis, MO March 26 and 27.

ESN – How did the estate sales conference concept originate?

Dan- We were sitting around brain storming as we frequently do  to help companies on the site. We feel that if we can help companies listed on our site it will always come back to us and the pay back is great because a company wants to stay with someone that is looking out for them and that’s what we do. We have companies calling every day with questions about what they can do for this or that and even subscribers that call and say they didn’t appreciate something a company did. We felt if we could help new companies get a good start and bring in speakers on topics that would be helpful and give them some direction, but this would also help companies that have been around a while, some for 30 to 40 years that may not have caught up will all the changes that have taken place in the estate sales business over the last 5-10 years.

ESN – How many attendees do you have for the conference?

Dan- We have 240 plus  attendees from 30 states.

For more on my interview with Dan from EstateSales.Net join us back here on Thursday, March 21st.