Part 3 of Interview with EstateSales.Net’s Dan McQuade

Discussing the the estate sales conference:

ESN – Can you tell me about some of the topics and speakers at the conference?

Dan – Well our keynote speaker is Tony Ruesing an NSA certified speaking professional and his address will be all about customer service. This is what the conference is all about.

The other topics we have been working really hard on that we get questions about all the time is the ATF and Fish and Wildlife. You don’t want to have ATF roll up to a sale and shut them down for something they shouldn’t be doing so we thought they should hear it from the horses mouth. This way they know what is and isn’t ok to do and now since we started organizing the conference there are all the proposed changes to the gun laws.

ESN – What will define success for you and Micky at this conference?

Dan – The biggest thing will be if people ask if we’re going to do it again.

ESN – Where do you see Vintage Software in 5 years?

Just a few weeks ago we released a new site nationwide called This is a site for people that need to have things done and matches them up with people who want to do these jobs.

We’re also working on tweeking the site and this will be the year of growth for it and expanding it’s capabilities.

We really like what we’re doing and hope to add more employees this year and our empolyees like what they are doing as well and we have  a good time at work. Our employees like seeing what they do out in the real world and that gives them great satisfaction too.

ESN – in concluding this interview with with Dan McQuade he gave me some interesting stats for EstateSales.Net. Last month they had 1,000,000 unique visitors, 22,000,000 page views. This was for the month of February 2013. The largest number of views was a sale held in California some time ago with 44,000 views.

Dan thank you for taking your time to speak with and providing us with so much information. Looking forward to meeting you and Micky next Tuesday in St. Louis.