Security 101 for estate sales

security lockOne of the most important concerns for clients having an estate sale or personal property liquidation sale is security.

When you interview an estate sales company be sure to ask what kind of security measures they take. Depending on what you have for sale, the amount of merchandise for sale and the area your sale is in will directly effect what an estate liquidator will deem necessary to secure your sale.

You should ask if they have showcases and can they be locked if necessary, do they have anyone poised at the door for after check out, do they have floor staff stationed in certain areas as well as floating staff to oversee what is happening with buyers.

Do they provide written receipts for buyers in case a door check is necessary when a buyer is leaving the premises.

Just a few things to consider. There is more we will discuss in the future. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions when you are conducting interviews with estate sales companies.