Interview with EstateSales.Net’s Dan McQuade

2013 Estate Sales Conference logoLast week I had the opportunity to conduct a telephone interview with EstateSales.Net co-founder Dan McQuade. He and his son Micky started the online Estate Sales Network in 2002. Next week in St. Louis, MO. on March 26th and 27th they will be holding the first ever estate sales conference. I’ll be sharing with you the news and information from this interview during the course of this week.

ESN – You have had great success since 2002 when you and Micky started EstateSales.New.  What do you think was the biggest contributor to your success?

Dan- Being first in the market place with the idea of EstatesSales.Net, a big thing, a network for estate sales companies to list and showcase their sales. That their name had been there longer than any other people trying to do the same thing. The number one thing he said they work towards is customer support, you can call and get someone on the phone or if they are tied up they call you right back or you can email. All different kinds of ways to contact them and try to help the customers with their problems. Customer support that’s in any business today.

ESN – How many companies are now listed with EstateSales.Net?

Dan – We now have over 4,000 companies listing sales on the site. We have over 350,000 subscribers and over 700 metro areas with sales listed. We also have what we call micropolitan areas which are smaller areas as well.

ESN – You also have another website How is this doing?

Dan – Just started a few years ago, still working on it. Have several hundred companies listed on the site. We started the business as EstateSales.Net, but changed the original company name so that we could do some other sites and the parent company is now called Vintage Software because we tend to deal with old stuff.

I’ll continue with more news and information from the interview with Dan McQuade tomorrow. Don’t miss