Estate Sales where pets have been.

TBone catEstate Sales companies frequently encounter homes where people have had pets. I have two cats and wouldn’t trade them, however, in some instances pets can present challenges to estate sales companies.

Over the course of my time in the estate sales business I worked in homes where an elderly person wasn’t able to take the small dog out and needless to say the carpet and smell of the carpeting was over powering. On one occasion the owner seemed not to notice that the animal had pooed on the floor.

Often times animals that shed can create allergy problems for the public attendees and even the estate sales staff.

A professional estate liquidator will know how to handle these delicate matters and yet be able to conduct a successful estate sale. I know of one estate sale liquidator who actually paid to have the upholstery cleaned. This was not her responsibility, but she knew that if the sale was to be a success it would be required. Most estate sale companies will pass the costs along to the owners, heirs, executors or whom ever is responsible for the sale.

If the home has had a pet or pets it is best to resolve any issues before hiring the estate sale company.