Up coming estate sales in the news – antiques, ballgowns, RVs etc.

formal-ball-gownRVThere is a lot happening in the next several weeks in the estate sales business.

This past weekend a California collector held a sale of over 50,000 dresses and ballgowns. Estate Sales News is trying to get further information on this sale and the future sales that are being planned.

Estate Sales News will be in the Detroit area to report on the upcoming Hartt Estate Sale run by Mike Hartt at the mansion of the former president of the Burroughs Adding Machine Company next week.

We will also be viewing a very unusual estate sale in Henderson Nevada in 2 weeks. The sale run by A Simple Solution Estate Sale Company owned by Valerie Johnson of Carmichael, California will feature 11 vehicles and RVs. We will have more on this unusual sale in 2 weeks.