Don’t have enough for a full estate sale. What to do?

As more and more baby boomers come of age what to do with a life time of household, collections, etc. is becoming a challenge.

In many cases the children of boomers will want some of their parents belongings either for sentiment or value, however, may children today are minimalists and this leaves boomer parents with decisions when downsizing time comes.

If your children have taken a great many items and furniture you may be left with what is known in the estate sale trade as a partial. Many estate sales companies will simply not deal with low contents. It does not cover their costs for the sale. Some estate liquidators look at this with other possibilities. They can offer to add to the contents from other minimal sales or in some instances if they are antiques dealers they may offer to add some of their unsold merchandise to the sale (this practice is referred to as seeding the sale). Every estate liquidator works differently, but if you find one you like and your contents are minimal ask them if there is a way for them to work with you. They may even want to increase their commission or fee.

The other choices left to you are consignment (not all consignment shops accept everything) or donations to local charities.

When choosing an estate sale company be sure to let the liquidators you are talking to know upfront if it isn’t a full contents and ask them how they work. Saves time and frustration for everyone.