Provenance – what and why it helps finanical gain in an estate sale

To quote Wikipedia Provenance, from the French provenir, “to come from”, refers to the chronology of the ownership, custody or location of a historical object.

Whenever you have almost any kind of antique or even in somestances vintage items and you know the history or ownership of the item this will almost always increase it’s value. Art, jewelry, glass, rugs, furniture evening some lighting can have valuable provenance.

Estate Sales New will be reporting on an upcoming sale in North Augusta, SC, the estate of Gordon Farmer who was featured in an American Pickers epidsode, Gordon’s gold mine in June 2010 and Mr. Farmer had provenance on many items in his collections. This is what helped make it good for television.

Any written information you may have on an item, letter, newspaper clipping etc. is good provenance and should be kept securely with the item.

History is valuable in so many ways.