What to do with items of great value are part of an estate

esate sales The number of estate sales has quintupled over the last few years. They are no longer just a means of disposing of a deceased persons’ estate. Today, people with very high end art, jewelry, art pottery, bronzes, antique furnishings, glass, and other very expensive items are looking to liquidate these items as well.

More and more estate sales companies, especially those where someone in the company is a certified appraiser or other highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable individual are acting as brokers to sell these high value items at the appropriate auction house. These items usually exceed $25,000 in value and require a broad (sometimes world wide) audience to achieve their top value. There are many auction houses with world wide reach and specialties to sell these items.

Even though the estate sale company may not sell the item themselves at the sale, they will still be paid a commission for placing the items at the appropriate auction.