Estate Sale in Detroit location of Whitney Houston’s last film Sparkle

Mike HarttChapin HomeYesterday I spent the day with Mike Hartt of Hartt estate sales in Detroit. We visited two upcoming estate sales sights. Unfortunately we were not able to access the mansion of Standish Backus former president of Burroughs Adding Machine.


dash of 1954 LincolnWe did visit the home where the movie Sparkle starring Whitney Houston in her last film roll was filmed and where Hartt Estate Sales is conducting an estate sale starting tomorrow, Thursday May 9 and concluding Sunday, May 12. This sale featured fine art, some antique furniture, vintage dinnerware, a 1954 Lincoln Sedan (needs a full restoration) and many other items.

Mr. Hartt was still setting up and organizing so this video is raw, however it does show much of the art work included and the setting up stage.

My thanks to Mike Hartt for his time and courtesy. Here is a link to his site.