Negotiating at an estate sale – etiquette goes along way

NegotiationMost estate sales companies will negotiate on goods at an estate sale, but rarely if ever on the first day of the sale and each company has it’s own policies.

If you are attending an estate sale and see an item of interest that you would like to purchase if the price was lower, ask the estate liquidator in charge if there is room to negotiate. If the answer is we don’t discount on the first day inquire what their policy is. Do they discount on the 2nd or 3rd day, except bids etc.

It is highly advisable not to say I’ll give you $….. Liquidators are professionals hired by a seller to sell, however, respecting their profession is important to your negotiation. If the seller has limited the estate sales company’s ability to negotiate, respect that. If you want to offer less ask if they would accept an offer of $…. If not may you leave a bid and your phone number.

Dealing with public every week can be trying on professional liquidators, so how you approach and when you approach about a lower offer can be very important to obtaining your desired item at an acceptable price to all parties. Some estate sales companies even post their policies on line. It should be noted that an overly aggressive buyer may be asked to leave a sale.

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