Estate sale sellers – should you be at the sale?

costomer loyalty crosswordThe question as to whether an estate sale seller should be present at their sale has been the recent topic of discussion at many estate sales I have been to and also at the Estate Sales Conference 2013 hosted by

Many estate sale companies simply will not conduct a sale if the seller is present. When asked why the answer is because many times the emotional connection to the goods being sold can be overwhelming and kill the sales attempting to be made. Sellers on the other hand tend to feel that this is an indication that the company might be up to something or untrustworthy.

It is best for you the perspective seller to check out the trustworthiness of a company by speaking with prior sellers. Not just a piece of paper is enough if you have that much uncertainty. Speaking with a former client of the estate sale company can put your mind at ease either way so that your decision is fact based.

Most estate sales companies that will permit sellers to be present will put them to work so they don’t appear to be standing guard so to speak, but most with the proviso that the estate sale company is in charge on the days of the sale. Remember, you chose to hire them after research and consideration they are the professional. An estate sale company needs to be able to do it’s job to get you the results you want.

When I had my liquidation business I tried to dissuade sellers from being present so they wouldn’t oversell, undersell, or squash a sale, but I never said just no. That was me and every estate liquidator is different. This should be one of the topics discussed during the interview without hesitation or reservation.

Peace of mind as well as financial success is what is at stake.