Estate sales companies – many have shops for consignments

Estate Sales News has interviewed several estate liquidators and we have learned that many of them have brick and mortar stores (consignment shops, antique shops etc) so that when the estate sale they are running concludes the items of greater value that did not sell at a price point acceptable to them or the seller can be put into their shop for retail clients.

Crown City Estate Sales works with many high end items and has a store. Eric Grossmeyer of Heritage Estate Settlement took the higher end items that did not sell at an acceptable price for him at Gordon Farmers estate sale in N. Augusta, SC all the way back to his shop in Wisconsin where he says the market is better. Valerie Johnson of Carmichael CA. who owns A Simple Solution Estate Sale and who we interviewed about the RV and vehicle sale in Henderson NV has just opened an estate sale store. Creating Divine Order from Casselberry, FL handles consignment although not in a storefront.

Choosing an estate sale company involves many considerations and consignment may be one. features consignment along with the companies that offer them on their website. There are many estate sales companies that offer this service, but be sure your estate sale company has a reputation for honesty and reliability. If this is a choice for you ask to speak with a former consigner.