Estate Sales, consignment shops, auctions – which works for you?

715 riverbend 09 002Estate Sales News is covering all angles of the estate liquidation business. Choosing what works best for you, your family or client (if you’re a Realtor or attorney) depends on many factors.



Let’s bullet point them for simplicity:

  • Location – can you have an on site liquidation sale
  • Merchandise – what is in the residence to be sold
  • Value – what type of value do the items have, high end/designer, antiques, gen. household etc.
  • Time – how soon do you need to liquidate
  • Who – in your area what types of liquidations solutions are available
  • $$$$ – what will it cost to liquidate and what will bring you the best financial results

These 6 points are the important considerations to start with. Once you have decided what is the best course to choose, you might find that a combination of liquidation options may work. Many estate sale companies are also offering consignment shops for the higher priced items that may not sell at the sale and many auction companies are offering to conduct estate sales if the auction process may not provide the financial results you are looking for.

Anyway you choose, remember knowledge of the company through speaking with prior clients and understanding how the company works is key. Don’t go in blind. Become an informed consumer. Have a question be sure to ask.