Estate Sale with antique & vintage surgical equipment by Southern Estates

vintage medical instrumentsmedical beakersFriday I interviewed Southern Estates owned by Leanne and Randy Reese based out of Knoxville, TN.

Starting Thursday, June 13- Saturday, June 15 they will be conducting an estate sale at the home of a prominent Knoxville doctor who along with his practice collected antique (late 1800’s) and vintage surgical and medical instruments. He was a chest surgeon and this collection was gathered over a 50 year period. Some of the doctor’s family was from the New Bedford Massachusetts area.

Along with the collection of assorted instruments there is also a collection of medical books and medical history. Each of the medical instruments has been priced by the piece.

Southern Estates gave Estate Sales News permission to feature photos from this sale.

Leanne and Randy are originally from Southern California. Both had backgrounds in business and Leanne  said with her passion and knowledge of antiques along with Randy’s business background they made the decision about a year ago to purchase an established estate sale company, Southern Estates. They conduct estate sales, buyouts and consignment. It is important to them to value everything on the floor. Leanne said “we spend a lot of time on research and value. We go the extra mile. This sale took us four weeks to prep”.

This sale will also feature antiques, vintage items, arts and crafts and as Leanne said “this home has history”. Here’s a link to their sale

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