Estate Sale in Falls Church, VA -vintage clothes, shoes, jewelry, African Art & more

Estate Sales News went to Falls Church, VA for an estate sale being conducted this weekend by Bethesda Estate Service LLC. They were featured in the Washingtonian. They are just beginning their setup so we did two short videos to showcase what you will find at this news worthy estate sale. They use a unique number system from their website called Get A Number. Be sure to check it out. The sale is June 20 – June 23, 10am – 2pm.

This estate sale is filled with beautiful items from Thailand where the owner was born and spent most of her childhood and then moved to Nairobi Kenya which is why there are also collections of African art and carvings. For the vintage clothing, shoes, purses, and wallet person this house is a treasure trove. There is much jewelry and the purses and shoes are designer names. There is very limited space on the lower level for taking video so we took only a few pieces to the second level. There are ties, vintage suite cases and so much more. A service for 12 + in “bronze” that they used and brought from Thailand. Beautiful Thai pillows from will be seen when you first enter this home.

Bethesda Estate Services LLC is owned by Brette Bates and Carol Walser. Carol’s background comes from a family business since 1931 specializing in jewelry, gifts, and fine items. Carol loves working with clothing, purses, shoes, jewelry, fine china and silver. Brettes’ specialty is artwork, books and unique items. She enjoys hunting and gathering and researching for their sales. Together they work as a team conducting sales every weekend and on occasion when they have two sales split up. Here is the link for this sale of vintage and collectibles.