If it’s Friday, it’s the start of another weekend of estate sales

Estate Sale signEven though we are in the heat of summer estate sale liquidators are working hard getting sales conducted all across the country.

Many times the homes, condos or apartments they work in are not air conditioned. This makes the work very difficult and taxing. Especially when you are working with lights on. If you have to bring down items from an attic it is even worse.

A lot of estate sale companies will work more days, but shorter days to prep a sale in the heat. That is a very acceptable practice. They usually will try to bring in stand alone fans for their comfort and the comfort of those attending the sale.

During extreme heat like most of the country has been experiencing tempers can flare easily. It is important for everyone, buyers, sellers, and estate liquidators to take a breath.

EstateSales.net has thousands of sales listed and you will also find sales listed on estatesales.org and estatesale.com

Here is a sampling of the sales across the country you may want to check out.

In NEW JERSEY – Toyota vehicles, Kubota tractor, mower, loads of power tools Click here

In FLORIDA – Vintage hats, gloves, purses, belt buckles, and stockings Click here

In ILLINOIS – High end, bronzes, lucite sculptures, baccarat Click here

In TEXAS – Barns full of rustics, antiques & collectibles Click here

In CALIFORNIA – West LA estate sale with lots of vintage items Click here

Wishing you successful happy hunting.