Attending an estate sale this weekend? Be prepared

estatesalesnetToday is the start of another weekend for most estate sale companies across the country and if you are planning on shopping at some here are some suggestions for a successful hunt.

Look up on the Internet on sites such as or where sales are in your area.

Map out a route starting with the sale you are most interested in first. Be sure you have a map or navigator with you and preferably pre-programed for the first sale. You should bring along cash, maybe a couple of checks and your credit card. Carrying a small bag or pouch is usually best. Don’t forget to bring a magnifying glass or loop. It is helpful to put some newspaper, paper bags and a box or two in your car in case the sales you attend do not have sufficient wrapping paper.

You might also want to bring some handwipes with you in case you touch anything dusty or dirty or your wrapping with newspapers.

Remember our previous discussion on estate sale etiquette and happy hunting.