Estate Sales advertising – where, when, who, and how – It’s your $$$

InternetPromoting an estate sale is one of the most important jobs an estate sale company can do. It will directly affect your financial bottom line.

To have an effective advertising campaign in most cases (some rural areas may be different) you will need internet coverage and print media coverage as well as an email list if not included with an advertiser.

There are several websites on the Internet that feature estate sales. The largest and oldest is, however, other websites that have come online include and Not all Internet websites, however, would be advantageous. Garage seller, Yard Seller, these websites are for their name sakes, not estate sales. Some companies use Craigslist, but this should not be the only site because most people look their for owner sales and only a few items.

Your Internet advertising should include a description of the sale, terms and conditions, dates and times, photos of the majority of the items for sale and a link to the estate sales companys’ website.

In our Internet driven market an estate sale company needs a website for a variety of reasons including marketing.

Print media is still an important way to advertise because it reinforces the internet advertising and reaches the people who have resisted computer technology. The estate sale network you list with should also provide anyone signed up with them an email of the upcoming sales. Many companies still have their own email list and that is a plus for a seller.

The other item not to be overlooked is either on a networks’ site or an estate sale companys’ site they need a map to assist buyers when the sale information is published usually one or two days before the start of the sale.

Marketing knowledge is so very important. The more people reached, the better the results.