News worthy estate sales? chandeliers, celebrities, gemstones, pizza

Estate Sales News has been traveling around the country to report on news worthy estate sales. We travel to these various cities and states to be an informative resource for perspective sellers and buyers.

We scour the Internet on a daily basis looking for unique estate sales. Once we have seen a listing we then look for any reviews we can find of the company. We don’t want to publicize an estate sale company that has bad reviews or unresovled issues with the Better Business Bureau. When we feel confident that the company is untarnished we call and speak to them about the sale and their business. If that interview goes well we book a plane reservation and car and travel to the sale prior to the first day of the sale. We want to be able to video the sale as staged in it’s entirety.

We have included some videos of sales we have already reported on perchance you did not see them and as examples of what is a news worthy sale for Estate Sales News.  From the sale held in Reseda, CA. conducted by Crown City Estate Sales in early June where 100+ chandeliers and thousands of prisms were sold off from a retired lighting dealer, and the Los Angeles sale conducted by Again L.A. Estate Sales also in early June where there were thousands of unset gemstones and minerals from a retiring gemologist or the estate sale of Gordon Farmer who had been featured on American Pickers or our report just yesterday on the estate sale of Chef Carl The Pizza Gourmet a PBS TV star of the 1980’s.

There are many good and great estate sales across the country. We are looking for the unusual, the well known person or celebrity, large collections in the hundreds or thousands so our readers can enjoy these unique sales whether or not they can attend and become more informed consumers or clients.

It’s Friday so it is also the start of another weekend of great estate sales so happy shopping.