Choosing your estate sale company wisely is $$$ in your pocket

esate sales Estate Sales News continually reviews the websites listing estate sales and we have noticed that some estate sales companies stand out from others, not necessarily for all the right reasons so let’s take another look at what to look for with an estate liquidator.


  • Does the estate sale company have any bad reviews posted that were not responded to?
  • Does the estate sale company keep their website up to date and fresh or will you find sales from a month a go or more still listed. Even though a company is busy, their website, which is how you found them also attracts buyers. Stale websites bring into question what else may fall to the wayside?
  • How many estate sales can a company handle and if many who is actually running the sales? Does the estate sale company have oversight or just collect the commission due at the end. Who’s handling the money taken in at the sale especially if the owner or owners aren’t present. Questions to be asked on an interview. It is your money and this is business even in a sad time for a family.
  • What kind of staff does the company supply? Were they really experienced in estate liquidation or just unemployed individuals needing work or extra cash. Experience is necessary in order to provide knowledge and good customer service.
  • Does the estate sale company your interviewing sell to staff prior to the sale? That could seriously impact the dollars you might receive for the item. Be sure to ask. You’re paying them to work for you so hold them accountable.
  • One more thought is what happens when the sale is over? Clean up or out, pay out or settle up and would you recommend them to anyone else.

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