Estate sale set-up or staging – check out perspective estate sale companies

StagingMonday’s Estate Sales News front page is about set-up or staging.

It is a form of marketing and very important for motivating perspective buyers to set-up or stage the estate sale in a way that makes buyers want to go beyond the front door. Just as department stores have display window designers and the entrance into the store is staged with products of interest, color, or whatever it is they are selling, the same applies to the estate sale.

It is the last marketing tool of the estate sale company available to them to attract you to buy something. If you want to have an estate sale, why not visit some of the sales in your area to look at how the estate liquidation company conducting the sale has set them up.

When dealers enter a sale, they have a different perspective and purpose, but the buyer who walks in without a specific purchase in mind needs to be enticed.

Many times estate sale companies will showcase their small and valuable items for security and curiosity near the entrance. Other estate sale companies will use a room away from the entrance to keep the people flow as efficient as possible. Either is correct, but knowing how to create height, depth, color, and interest is important.

Flat surfaces without any elevation especially near windows can have people looking past the items for sale out into the scene outside. They may miss something of interest and the estate sale company may miss a sale. Of course, you can’t stack items consistently on top of one another, but creating a small area of height to catch the buyer’s eye is important, just as creating colors that flow together and compliment each other.

set-upIt’s not just about table covers and plate racks anymore. It’s about designing for the sale and with competition stiff among estate sales companies with so many sales in many market areas, staging is now more important than ever. Selling the sale and keeping the people coming is important for the financial success of sellers and estate sales companies.