Accurate Estate Sale Descriptions in Advertising – Bringing in the Buyers

advertisingToday on Estate Sales News we want to discuss advertising, but on the way they bring buyers to your estate sale.

Every day Estate Sales News reads through hundreds of descriptions of estate sales listed on multiple listing sites and we follow by up looking at photos of the estate sales to see if it is a newsworthy estate sale to get us on a plane, train, or in automobile to report to you in words and video on the estate sale.

Many estate sales companies use “key” words in descriptions, yet when you look at photos it becomes apparent that the “key” word was simply that. Thousands of vintage clothes with two photos that include some of the same clothing in the two photos doesn’t encourage buyers. It makes you wonder where the other hundreds of clothes are. You might not be able to include a photo of every piece of clothing, but if your description leads off or emphasizes that focus on it.

As a national resource for estate sales we want to encourage perspective sellers and estate liquidators to ensure that what is emphasized in the description of the sale is also in the photos posted. Buyers want to see what to expect at the sale. It stimulates their desire to buy.

Perspective sellers should ask to look at an estate sales company’s advertising before you make the final decision.