Estate Sales News salutes the owners and staff of estate sales for Labor Day

waving-flagLabor Day was nationally recognized for the first time in 1894. The original purpose was to appreciate the social and economic contributions of workers. However, with the decline of unions, the holiday has become more about the end of summer and grilling hot dogs and hamburgers.

Estate Sales News would like to take this Friday to congratulate all those owners of estate sale companies and their staffs. This hearty group of individuals helped many fellow Americans through the difficult years we have had since 2006 by providing a necessary service for families, heirs, and Realtors and also providing affordable household items, cars, clothing, and a whole host of items.

Though they may not be seen on the national news, these are the folks who work hard and provide much needed services in 50 states. With sore backs and sometimes verbal abuse from a few buyers and even sellers they persevere.

Estate Sales News congratulates this diverse group of Americans and wishes all of you a happy and safe Labor Day.

We will be celebrating a day off of our labors. Our front page starts a new Tuesday, September, 3rd. You can research our archives 24/7.