Estate Sale Company Reviews – What To Ask

reviewsABC World News recently covered a story on the number of fake reviews (about 30% of reviews) being posted on the Internet by companies that paid the reviewer (in the case of the one on ABC a 17 year old girl who was paid an average of $4.00/review). They did not mention nor does Estate Sales News contend that these reviews were about estate sale companies, however, reviews for any business are important.

When trying to determine the estate sale company to hire reviews are important and we encourage perspective sellers to research the internet for reviews, however, we also encourage sellers to ask to speak to at least one or more former clients. Most (not all) former clients are willing to speak to perspective sellers for an estate sale liquidator for at least a few months after a sale. As a former estate liquidator we still have one or two after many years that would speak to perspective sellers.

Reviews or testimonials are very important. They speak to the way the estate sale company dealt with the seller, conducted the sale, paid out the proceeds, and whether they left the premises as agreed to in the contract.