Looking For Estate Sale Companies? Estate Sales News Your Online Resource

When looking for estate sale companies there are several things to consider.

  • When looking on estate sale listing site see what the site can offer in assistance to you.
  • Choose several companies in your area if possible to research.
  • Do they have any poor reviews or open issues with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Once you have completed your review on the internet start by calling some estate liquidators.
  • If you do not get a response from an estate sale company within a reasonable time perhaps you should choose to speak with another company. Estate sale companies are almost always busy, but they should be able to respond to new business (perspective sellers) and buyers (some companies do not accept phone calls from buyers only emails, but that should be noted on their website) during the course of a day. 

Estate Sales News will be offering information on many areas of the estate sales process during the course of the autumn when once again the estate liquidations are in greater numbers.

We suggest you start by looking at estate sale listing sites. EstateSales.Net is the largest and oldest and with their new release coming out shortly this should make this an even better and friendlier experience. Other sites you can review are estatesales.org and estatesale.com.