Using Social Media Advertising for Estate Sales

Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest is a growing means of reaching potential buyers and sellers in the estate liquidation business. The great news for buyers, sellers and estate sale companies is they are all free in basic form. Only if they want to pay to endorse will it cost them anything more than time. When looking for estate liquidators check out if they are utilizing social media. When you interview them if you don’t see anything you may want to ask why.

facebook-logoFacebook allows you to post your upcoming estate sales and discuss what is in them. It offers an opportunity to post a picture or two of the sale items or the estate company logo. It can be sent to a limited number of people or the public at large. Most estate sale companies have a Facebook logo to click thru on the front page of their website. You’ll find one on our front page too.

twitter logoTwitter gives you 140 characters to connect with friends, other businesses or followers and immediately let them know news. It is a very useful tool during an estate sale if you have a following allowing buyers to know about items of interest or second or third day discounts. You will usually find a blue bird on the front page of the website like the one on the top right of ours.

Pinterest logoPinterest allows you to make boards (internet based on their site) to show off individual sales and items for sale. It is also a good place to let perspective sellers see what you have sold or worked with the in the past. Look for the big red P.

 You’ll also find estate sale listing sites using social media as well. EstateSales.Net, and