Exciting News Coming From EstateSales.Net – Interview With Chief Programmer Steve Haar

Offices of EstateSales.netEstate Sales News sat down with the Chief Programmer for EstateSales.Net, Steve Haar in Jackson, MO.

A must interview for estate sale companies and subscribers to EstateSales.Net.

ESN – How many programmers are on staff Steve at EstateSales.Net?

Steve – There are 6 programmers, 7 if you count Micky, however, the business has grown so much lately that he’s moved away from day to day programming and is handling other issues of the business. I over see 5 other programmers. We work Monday – Friday.

ESN – How do you get the ideas for implementing new features on your website?

Steve – A lot come from our users. Our phone number is all over our site. One thing that sets us apart is you can call in and talk to a live person 7 days a week. We receive suggestions including calling and speaking to our customer support staff or emailing us on our contact page. These suggestions can come from calls or emails from estate sale companies or subscribers who receive email notifications about sales. A lot of times when they call in they give our customer support staff suggestions and when the staff hears the same idea more than once or twice they’ll let us know about it. We also have a feed back page on the website and what is entered there is automatically put into our electronic system for keeping track of different feature requests.

When we get done with our features we’ll look back through our feature tracking system and see what are the most popular requests. We may not get to everyone right away, but we keep a list through time of suggestions and rarely is one discarded completely.

ESN – How long does it take to make a new feature for the website?

Steve – It depends a lot on what the feature is. There are some features that are cool and do a lot of new things and need just a little bit of programming work and some features that might not look that involved but because of the technical issues, the feature requires a large effort.

Technology is getting better so we are able to do a lot more newer and powerful things that we couldn’t do before, but because there are so many new devices out it may take longer now to do than a few years ago. Just a few years ago our users were at home using a laptop or desktop . Now we’ve got iPhones , tablets, Android IOS and all sorts of different devices so a feature now needs more time so we can handle all the different devices that are coming to us.

ESN – When working on a new idea, does one programmer take it from start to finish or is it more a team effort?

Steve – It’s a team effort. Even if 1 programmer is doing a lot of the work, the whole team is involved in the process. We get together and talk about it and design it up as a team and if it isn’t the whole team it is at least 2 or 3 of us.

ESN – Do your programmers have specialties in their field?

Steve –  Our programmers do have specialties, i.e. user experience and data base design programming. With that said even with their specializations, everyone helps out where needed. They multi-task.

ESN – Speaking of devices do you have an iPhone App coming?

Steve – No. We thought about doing an iPhone App and we decided that anyone coming to our site should have a good experience whether you have an iPhone, Kindle, Android, laptop, desktop or tablet. There were a couple of different options that could have been done, including individual apps, but who knows what the future is going to have so we took the approach of working with what is called a responsive website, so our new release which is coming is the biggest change we’ve made.

ESN – How long did it take to develop this responsive website that’s coming and what else can you tell me about it?

Steve – We started working on it in February. Cory, one of our programmers took the lead with an enormous amount of research about what would offer the best experience for estate sale companies and subscribers and after we reviewed all the information decided on the responsive site. It would work on all devices. The site will be responsive, have new features and a new look.

When we implement the release we will do so during the middle of the night, probably a Sunday. There should still be some minimal access to the site, but the site will have to go down for a few hours. All of our programmers and the entire customer support staff will be here during the release.

Estate Sales News would like to share some of the photos from the offices of EstateSales.Net

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