Buying at estate sales – Universal Studios Prop Warehouse Hollywood, CA

Estate Sales News was in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area Thursday and Friday. We went to an estate sale on Thursday in Cerritos, CA (featured here on Friday by The Better Solution Estate Sales) and Friday we went on a private tour of the prop warehouse at Universal Studios.

We had planned on seeing two other estate sales, but circumstances beyond are control prevented that so we went to Universal, a place we had visited four years ago. We apologize for the video being somewhat jumpy, but this was during a work day and trucks were being loaded and props being pulled from the shelves.

The fourth floor of the building houses over 1,000,000 costumes (however, we were not allowed to photograph). The other three floors houses the largest accumulations of props of every kind and description in the western US and possibly the entire US. They use the props at Universal and also rent out to Sony, Paramount, Warner Bros, HBO and anyone else that is in the business. Many (not by any means all) are purchased at estate sales, garage sales, antique stores, consignment shops and many are fabricated at the studio.

Our guide mentioned that when the studio accumulates too many of the same genre they will hold a “sale” to liquidate the over supply.

We will be flying again tomorrow morning to Missouri.

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