Estate Sales News – Don’t miss our front page next week.

Estate Sales News returned from our visit with EstateSales.Net after conducting interviews with two of their staff and a not to be missed video interview with Micky McQuade co-founder.

In general discussion with EstateSales.Net we learned about what they hear and read most about from sellers, buyers and estate sale liquidators.  Seller concerns about estate sale companies, worries about the professional liquidation process, buyers wanting more information than was posted by the liquidator, the sale of prohibited items from US Fish and Game, estate sale companies concerned about how to work with difficult situations that can arise, etc.

We learned about the extraordinary amount of time and work that goes into the operation of a customer service oriented company. From very early in the morning when one of the McQuades or their staff look at the monitor of one of many computers, they are reading and sorting thru emails sent to EstateSales.Net to be responded to.