Estate Sales News spent the day with EstateSales.Net – reporting from St. Louis, MO

estatesalesnetEstate Sales News had a wonderful, informative, exciting day yesterday and early this morning with EstateSales.Net at their headquarters in Jackson, MO. My thanks to Dan, Micky, Dot, and Courtney McQuade for sharing so much information about EstateSales.Net, the future and the 2014 Estate Sales Conference that will be forthcoming over the next week. They provided me with hospitality exactly like the excellent customer service they provide their customers and demonstrated why they are the industry leader in the estate sales listing business. I met many of their staff who were also informative and cordial.

Yesterday was a long day with interviews and much conversation that I will be sharing with you along with a very important video next week.

We  are traveling back so today’s article  is short because we are writing from within the airport in St. Louis to let you know to stay tuned with Estate Sales News for the coverage from this very exciting, information packed trip. Our flight doesn’t arrive back until late so tomorrow’s front page will be delayed somewhat. gives a big shout out with much appreciation to all of the EstateSales.Net folks for the access granted.