EstateSales.Net – Interview with Katie Britt, Operations Manager

estatesalesnetEstate Sales News spent a day with EstateSales.Net at their headquarters in Jackson, MO. We interviewed several people and today we are publishing our interview with Katie Britt, their Operations Manager, who oversees customer support at EstateSales.Net. Here is that interview – ESN is Estate Sales News.

ESN – Who calls more at EstateSales.Net? Estate sale companies or visitors to your site?

Katie – It’s about 60/40 – more companies. They usually call about how to use the site or what packages we offer as well as any technical issues they many encounter. The other 40% are probably private sellers and subscribers and users of the site who just want to obtain information.

ESN – How many customer service people do you have answering calls and emails?

Katie – We have a staff of seven some of whom are full time and some are part-time, but we generally try to have two people on a shift from 8am – 10pm central standard time.

ESN – What tips can you provide so that companies get the most out of listing on EstateSales.Net?

Katie – To be very thorough with the sale description as well as pictures. It is very important to provide clear pictures that showcase the items that you have for sale as well as a very good detailed description, not just listing furniture or a bedroom set, but what kind of furniture is it. Is it a complete set, is it antique, vintage, or new, does it have a name, what color is it. Provide very specific details so that people searching on the site for particular items or using our Treasure Tracker will find those items.

Pictures is a big, big one to get uploaded to their sale.

ESN – When someone calls the toll free 888 number do they reach you or who do they reach?

Katie – Typically they will reach one of the seven staff members out there. Probably BJ, Matt or Brittany. It’s not until it gets so busy up front that the calls rollover to either myself or Micky and then Dot or Dan.

ESN – When you’re dealing with difficult customers how do you approach them?

Katie – It’s really just trying to understand where they’re coming from. You can’t go head to head with somebody. You have to let them get their point across and seeing exactly what the issue is. It’s one of the biggest compliments we always receive is that we’re very fast and very courteous and that’s what we try to bring into any situation.

ESN – How long have you been here at EstateSales.Net?

Katie – I was hired almost 3 years ago in 2010.

ESN – What is your background?

Katie – I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in stage management for theater. I worked a lot of summer stock theaters all over the country and then my husband was in the military and stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC for a long time and he came back here to finish up college.

ESN – That gave you quite an opportunity to interact with the public.

Katie – It really did. I have my management background which helps me here, but also when I initially started college I worked the box office and that helped me in learning how to deal with customers on a day to day basis.

ESN – When occasionally people call in that are private sellers or had a company handling a sale and unhappy do you or customer service also field those calls because they don’t understand what’s taking place or have a question?

Katie – Absolutely. We get a lot of calls from sellers that say we have never done anything like this before, we’re new to this and not sure what we’re doing. They ask what tips can we offer. We try to go through a list of things to help them in this process.

We also get a lot of calls from people looking for an estate sale company. We direct them to look at our map, click on their state and then on their metro area or the closest one near them. We also guide them to our page for tips for choosing a company they have that reference to go to when they are going through the process.

ESN – What brought you to EstateSales.Net?

Katie – An ad in the newspaper. I came back ahead of my husband to settle and was looking for a job and saw the ad. I was very fortunate and was very quickly offered the job. It’s a great place to work and people to work for.

ESN – If you were going to put a general tip out there what would it be?

Katie – If you are an estate sale company always add pictures to your listing. That’s one major call we get a lot of. Subscribers and users of the site really like to see those pictures because it can give a better idea as to what you have available.

ESN – What would you give as a tip to someone that’s looking to go to an estate sale?

Katie – Be cognizant of the estate sale company’s rules or anything they have posted. Find out if there is a particular way to go through the sale. Always make sure you have fun at an estate sale. It isn’t a time for unpleasantness.

My thanks to EstateSales.Net and Katie Britt for a very thorough and informative interview and sharing her vast knowledge and experience with Estate Sales News.