5000 Estate Sale Companies In The United States – Booming Bonanza

Estate Sale signWith over 5000 estate sale companies in the country it’s no wonder they are making the news some of which is good and some not. This affects everyone, estate sale companies, sellers, buyers, estate sale listing sites and many others.

Estate Sales News has published a national press release concerning this burgeoning industry. The video from an ABC television station in Ohio and now another video is out from another TV station in Austin Texas. Estate Sales are national news.

We have been in contact with the television reporter from Ohio and hope to have a telephone interview with him sometime today concerning the online auction/sale he reported on.

Estate Sales News was launched to assist perspective sellers in making informed decisions. Now more than ever having the resources to gain knowledge to help you in making wise choices are paramount. From the time you start your estate sales company search knowledge for you the consumer is powerful in acquiring a company with the assets and ethics to generate a successful sale.

Here on Estate Sales News you will find information starting with estate sale basics, what to ask (interviewing), contracts, advertising, staging the sale right through clean out and paying out of proceeds.

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