EstateSales.Net New Release Scheduled for Sunday Night

responsivemobileEstateSales.Net is about to put out on Sunday night, October 6th, the biggest release for their website in its’ history .

When Estate Sales News was in Jackson, MO at the offices a few weeks ago we got to see a sample of what the new site will look like and can do. “Impressive” is our term for it.


So many exciting new and better features. Here are a few:


  • A better way to view sales.
  • Listing sale improvements.
  • Email Notifications.
  • Search Improvements along with Treasure Tracker.
  • Geolocation capabilities.

This will be a responsive website and all we’ll say for now is wait til you see.

Estate Sales News uses all available sites for estate sales news, but nothing can compare to what is about to be presented from EstateSales.Net.

Estate sale companies, sellers, buyers get ready. This will be a great improvement to the Estate Sale Business as a whole. Estate Sales News looks forward to seeing the new release live.

Here is a link to Katie Britt’s blog with a few new additions to follow before the weekend.

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