TV Station In Ohio – Don’t Waste Your Money: Estate Sales – What You Need To Know

An ABC television station in Ohio recently interviewed a gentleman who claimed he was ripped off by an estate seller for the items sold in his family’s estate.

The video being circulated as a Google Alert was entitled “DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY: Estate Sales”. Another Ohio television station has also picked up this video now.

Estate Sales News has sent an email to the reporter yesterday requesting an interview. We will be telephoning if we do not receive a response by later today and we also want to speak with the seller in question and the company he hired.

It is important, however, that putting out a news statement such as the one above about estate sales can cause many uniformed people to assume the worst of all or many estate sale companies.

Our job here at Estate Sales News is to keep you informed about the estate sale business (good or bad), estate sales, and provide a resource to help you make well informed decisions about the company you choose. We cannot guarantee any company, NO ONE can, however, armed with knowledge and research you can make the best possible choice that feels right to you.

We will post a link to the video on tomorrow’s front page even if we do not have the opportunity to interview anyone involved in the video or sale.

More tomorrow on this video and story right here on the Front Page of Estate Sales News.