Update On New Website Release From EstateSales.Net

Estate Sales News heard from co-founder Micky McQuade. We have been keeping up with the results for the new release, good and not so good.

Micky said that they still have a few small issues they are working on, however, one of the big issues that was a cause of problems and has been resolved is the site now loads 45% faster than it did previously.

The entire programming staff has been working day and night and weekends to resolve most of the issues that occurred after the new release.

If you have an issue please let them know. Please let Estate Sales News know what you think of their new release.

Estate sale listing sites are important to estate sale companies, sellers, and buyers. Your input does count.

We hope you will visit the various estate sale sites out there and attend an estate sale today, tomorrow or in some areas even Sunday.

Happy Friday from Estate Sales News, your online source for estate sale news, estate sale information and national blog.