What Some Estate Sale Companies Don’t Know – Be Informed

laws and regulationsEstate Sales News is contacting estate sale companies all across the United States about state regulations and sales tax and we have found that some estate liquidators don’t know if they have regulations in the states where they work. They know whether they need to collect sales tax, but some (not many) do not know if they have regulations. This should be of concern.

If you are conducting business, any type of business in any state you should be knowledgable of any state regulations pertaining to your business. This especially applies to estate liquidation companies who are the liquidation representatives of heirs, families, attorneys, and Realtors. Your job is to know everything that pertains to the successful and lawful liquidation of an estate sale, tag or moving sale. 

The estate liquidation company should also be aware of county or municipality regulations (permits, permits for signs etc.).

If you are interviewing estate sale companies on the telephone in preparation for a face to face, ask them about state regulations. If they hedge or say they aren’t aware of any you may want to reconsider. They should be able to say yes and explain what they are or say no, there are no regulations.

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