Estate Sale Advertising – For Companies and Sellers – Not So Simple Anymore!

The Internet changes daily. Google’s algorithms change every few months. The largest search engine in the world! Not to mention others like Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and hundreds of others.

Next are websites. Are they flat or constructed in such a way that they are multi-functional? Can they show slide shows, video, blogs? Do they get changed or are they left month after month with no updates.

Today’s estate sale world is completely different than it was ten years ago. Back then we didn’t have estate sale networks or listing sites. Most estate sale companies didn’t even have a website. All the estate sale company or liquidator had was newspapers. community or otherwise.

Now we have Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, RSS feeds, LinkedIn, Merchant Circle, Manta, and so many more sites to connect to and with.

To be blunt, the game has changed. You need to know how to sell, what you have, how much it’s worth, and how to reach the maximum market. It use to be only your own personal email or Constant Contact. Now advertising way exceeds that.

Success, because of the huge number of estate sale companies currently out there and conducting five times the sales of ten years ago, depends on your knowledge of product, out reach to buyers, and marketing and it now requires estate sale companies to keep a tight control on their expenses while getting the maximum dollar for sellers at the sale. It’s not for amateurs! Estate liquidations is for professionals and when you are interviewing a company ask them about their marketing abilities. Do they tweet, are they showcasing on Pinterest, do they blog, etc. If they don’t or can’t answer your questions, perhaps others can and you should consider other estate sale companies.

Your $$$ and success are at stake. Before you make a decision based on commission or fee ask questions. There is far more to estate sales than just what a company charges. Know before you go is an accurate cliche.