Estate Sale Company Response Time and Trust- Important Issues

costomer trustEstate Sales News contacts estate sale companies across the country every week. We’re asking for information to assist you and them.

One of the challenges we have encountered and you probably have encountered is estate liquidators that don’t return your calls or emails or send you an automated email response with no follow up. It should be a red flag for potential sellers if a liquidator does not return your call or email with a reasonable time. The questions that arise are how important are you to them and how are they going to respond to reasonable questions from buyers.

Another issue to be discussed is an over the phone sale. Most estate sale companies are reputable, however, some companies do come into question. Be sure to look at reviews. One case we are aware of a check was sent to an estate sale company for a purchase, however, the items purchased were never sent. The check wasn’t cashed, but ethical companies honor purchases made in person or by phone. Estate Sales News wants to hear from you if you experience a serious issue and we also want to hear from estate sale companies that have had serious problems with buyers. We can all keep each other informed. Estate Sales News will not disclose names of companies or buyers.