When Times Get Tough – Estate Sales Can Be A Solution

New Jersey Life articleWith the roller coaster ride the economy has been on the one steady course that has actually seen and increase in business is estate sales.

Although some areas have seen the value of some items decrease somewhat, (not all by any means) more and more people are using an estate sale (whether for a living person or deceased) to sell their personal property. The number of estate sale companies across the country has tripled in the last 3 years.

Estate sales offer opportunities to buy at reasonable prices, many times without sales tax (depending on the state), and items from A-Z.

The estate liquidation business has also provided income for unemployed people and offered some folks that always wanted to be their own boss the opportunity to do so.

The term estate sale has become a rubber stamp for moving sale, tag sale, house sale as well as selling the property of a deceased person. In any case this once cottage industry has become a booming industry in almost every state.

In Los Angeles there are over 19,00 subscribers, in Chicago over 28,500 and in northern New Jersey over 22,000. Those are only 3 areas among thousands.