Estate Sale Blogging

BlogThere are hundreds of websites on the Internet today blogging about estate sales. Many are blogs written by an estate sale company. Blogs should be informative and for a liquidator it is another way of advertising their business. The orange square in the upper right corner of our page next to the green button indicates blog (it provides an RSS feed for companies to follow

It is important when blogging to keep the interest of the reader and give them information. Blogging against another estate sale competitor is not a good standard and if you are considering a company that practices this you may want to reconsider. An estate sale company should acquire your business through what they have to offer and the way the present themselves. Negativity against other companies may not serve them well.

Whether the blog permits comments is up to the blogger. Many websites with blogs that allow comments allow the owner/blogger to review the comments before they allow them to post. As with many business areas today spam is a problem so being able to review comments ahead of posting is a wise idea.

Blogging by an estate sale liquidator also allows them to bring forth news worthy information, trends, and business practices.

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