It’s Estate Sale Friday – How to find you’re looking for at an estate sale

fri0102Estate Sales News has been asked how do I find what I’m looking for at a heavily attended estate sale where you can’t get a clear visual on the item.

First decide how much you want what you have seen advertised or read about. If possible contact the estate sale company in advance, either by email or phone (which ever they prefer) and ask them if they are utilizing a number or list system for entrance to the sale. Then you’ll have to make the ultimate decision how strong is your desire or passion for the object or items of interest. It may require you to sleep over if you want to be among the first in the door (providing the municipality where the sale is being held will allow cars or vans on the street overnight) particularly if what you want is popular and will have others with the same interest. If possible when you contact the estate liquidator ask what room or floor the object is in or on. It is always easier to know at least what room to look in. They may even give you more specifics, but the decision to give you any information is theirs and should be respected.

Once you have made your decision stick to your game plan and remember to stay courteous and patient. Estate Sales can become hostile places if tempers flare and that spoils it for all parties. Please refer back to to our April 2013 Buyers etiquette article.