What Is A Garage Sale – Estate Sales News Information

Garage SaleToday’s Estate Sales News what is series continues with what is a garage sale or yard sale. It is not a traditional estate liquidation process, though some do it yourself people use this to liquidate the leftover contents of an estate after the family or heirs have removed what they were left or wanted.

Garage Sales started out originally as just that. You conducted a sale within the confines of your garage. Usually it was odds and ends and items for the outdoors or no longer needed. People would set up card tables or saw horses with a sheet of plywood on the top. They would spread their items out on display. Occasionally they would have too much for just the garage so they would spread things out down the driveway as well. Many people have expanded this idea to spread their belongings out on the yard, hence the term yard sale.

Most people make up homemade signs on old cardboard or tag board and nail them up on telephone poles in the general vicinity. Today, however, you need to check with your local township as many towns now require permits for a garage sale. Some even limit the number of garage sales you can have. and some will not allow any signs except for one in front of the property.

Garage sales are for the most part conducted by the owners of the property. They do not usually involve professional liquidators, although there some companies and people that will stage and price your garage sale for a fee or hourly rate. They do not conduct the sale. If you look hard enough you might find one that will, however, today there are websites such as www.garagesaletracker.com, www.garagesales.com, www.gsalr.com, and www.yardsalesearch.com just to name a few that now will list your garage sale/yard sale online. These are the sites we found with a brief search. They also offer tips and most list your garage/yard sale for free. Of course, many people still like to use newspapers, local or community to get the word out.

The prices achieved a garage sale are usually significantly lower than those achieved at an estate sale.