Estate Sale Basics – What Should Be Posted Visibly At The Sale

When an estate sale company prepares the property the day before the sale or very early the day of the sale information should be posted that can be seen by anyone coming into the sale and throughout the property.

Here are some examples of signs that should be clearly visible.

  • All items sold as is.
  • No refunds or exchanges.
  • No large bags or purses allowed in the house (some areas of the country do not do this).
  • The type of payment you accept. i.e. cash, check, charge card.
  • Shoplifters will be prosecuted. No exceptions.
  • If you do not have staff to assist in moving heavy items, furniture etc. that should be stated clearly.
  • Let the buyers know where to check out.
  • If you have someone checking customers as they exit let them know.
  • Give a deadline for picking up items purchased at the sale.
  • If you have security cameras on site, let the public know by signs that they are being watched.

Following these simple basic principles can help prevent arguments and unpleasantries.

Our video from the opening day of yesterday’s Dr. Arnold Klein Sale is also posted below this article.