Estate Sale Pricing

Estate sale pricing use to be done mainly by looking in books that were published and updated yearly on a variety of topics from depression glass to Victorian furniture. Today with the Internet books are used much less and most estate sale companies will bring a laptop computer right to the property and research items as necessary. You don’t even have to have internet service. Many estate liquidators now carry an air card or can make their cell phones into wireless hotspots.

With the ability to search the Internet the next question is where to find the pricing you require. Many people immediately go to Ebay for pricing, however, there are many other sites that may be used. Care should be exercised in pricing from Ebay. The asking price at an online auction has little relevance for value. What an item actually sold is the better basis for pricing. The same principles applied in the real estate profession. Asking price versus selling price. Seeking help from a certified appraiser for unusual, rare, or items that you have questions or concerns about is a good way to ascertain value, keeping in mind that the appraiser should know why you are seeking their assistance.

It isn’t always easy to work with sellers that have strong opinions of value, however, as professional estate liquidators looking out for their clients best interests it is very important for a successful sale and good working relationship and that includes helping them understand the value of their personal property and how you arrive at the value you place on items for sale.