News Media Reports Christmas Shopping Is Down – Not At Estate Sales

presentFrom CBS News to USA Today the media is reporting about lackluster Christmas shopping at major retailers. Reports state although prices have risen in the last year wages for most middle class have not. Most of the reports conclude that shoppers are either cutting back or in some cases cutting down on the amount they are spending.

This is where the estate sale shopper is ahead. Most estate sales have not seen price increases or very little over the last year. With the exception of high end antiques, designer pieces, and rare or unique items prices at estate sales are in most areas very stable.

Estate salers also know when they shop at estate liquidation sales, most (not all sales) will have a last day reduction ranging from 20%-75% depending on the company, sale requirements, and location.

From all the reports Estate Sales News has received shopping is brisk at estate sales. Good value for your dollars and there is still one weekend of estate sales left before Christmas.

We have received reports that many sales in the northeast and midwest had to cancel or close early this past weekend because of the winter storm, but in most cases they are scheduled this weekend.

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