Leaving Reviews For An Estate Sale – Good For Sellers and Buyers

writing a reviewEstate Sales News recently made a purchase at an estate sale and we posted a positive review on the purchase shortly thereafter. When a purchase is made by your Editor the feedback comes from me personally.

In today’s fast paced Internet world providing information whether it is about a sale (you were the seller or acted on their behalf) or a buyer it is very important to leave your review on the transaction. It helps the public and the estate sale company.

Your remarks should not, however, be in the form of a rant. If you feel you had good service say so, if you feel you didn’t state your case clearly and concisely and remember that most sites will or should allow the the estate sale company to respond. Sometimes misunderstandings or hurt feelings can lead to negative remarks that may not be the entire story. When you like an estate liquidator it is beneficial to sellers and buyers to know that and why you liked them i.e. customer service, prices, staff, sale layout etc.

Some of the sites where you can leave feedback include Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle and there are others. Wherever you choose to leave your review it will be on public display so keep that in mind.

Good feedback is the best form of advertising. Negative feedback can prevent future problems. The choice is yours, but let your voice be heard.