Choosing an estate sale company – important considerations

HomeChoosing an estate sale company involves many things that we have covered, but some areas we want to talk about further are testimonials, referrals, and whatever you do don’t base your choice for an estate sale company on commission or fee. It’s like choosing a doctor, you base it on the best not the cheapest. Remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”.


As we write this article Elizabeth O’Brien with Market Watch wrote an article which tie with our report here entitled 10 things estate sales won’t tell you click here for the link to the article.

Be aware that no company, estate sale listing service or otherwise can offer you reputable estate sale companies unless they have personally bought or sold with that company. They present companies that most of the time pay to advertise on them (though some services allow free listings especially if no photos are uploaded on their sites). Even the Better Business Bureau isn’t always a guarantee because companies pay to be members. Angies List will feature a company, but the perspective user pays a fee for access.

When choosing an estate sale company ask to speak with a former client or two. Ask them about the sale and how they perceive the company they chose. Nothing is 100%, but a happy and satisfied prior client is a pretty good indication of reliability, honesty, knowledge, and ability to deliver what they say they will.

Testimonials are good as long as they are up to date (things do change over time) and you want a client, not someone in a related field.

It is your financial bottom line that is of concern and your “peace of mind” so choose wisely.