Staging the estate sale photos – the good, bad and ugly!

pre-sale photo uglygood pre-sale clothing photostaged photo for sale





Estate Sales News wanted to revisit this subject because it is so “important” to you, the perspective estate sale client.

I use the Internet to look for news worthy estate sales. There is nothing more off putting than looking at photos posted on estate sale listing sites that look like someone rummaged through a home. Piles of clutter, cardboard boxes, piles of clothes not hung up do not attract buyers. They send them looking elsewhere. They send me looking elsewhere.

When an estate sale company is taking photographs for uploading to the Internet where they can be viewed by the public the visual image must be considered. The company should take the time to create a small staged area of the important items in the sale with a sentence, more photos to follow as we organize. Professional estate liquidators know that what you see sets the perspective you will have on the sale.

When choosing an estate sale company to work with look at some of their sales photos from other sales. Did they take the time to look professional or just create some kind of a presence. Better to have a few good photos than a page full of images that may keep you from going to the estate sale.